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Feb 28, 2013 8:00pm PST
most unlikely couple, going together. a dennis rodman and the korean leader. >> pam: history unfolds at the vatican today. in 600 years to resign he is officially retired and assumes the new title of thousands lined up to witness history thursday. and welcome him into retirement. until a successor is named -- the catholic faith and its 1-point-2 billion followers are without a leader. >> pam: tim lincecum may be headed to court after being accusedgary has that story straight ahead plus. straight ahead plus. [ lorelonzo ] o i'm lorenzo. i woi rk for 47 differffent companies. well, te, chnically i workwo for one. that com cpany, the united stas postal service® works fos r thousands of home businesses. becauscae at® you can capay, print and had ve you yr packages pickp for frr ee. i can caeven denrop off free b. i wei ar a lot of hats. well, te, chnically i wear on. the u.s.u. postal service®, no bus biness too small.l. >> jacqueline: if you have been enjoying this weather? we have another nice day before changes. sunny skies but the weekend will bring those changes. we wi
Mar 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
from a man simply know ans dennis now has grown into dozens of tents and lots of trash, some reports say there are as many as 100 separate encampments in the meddile of this area is this randon street sign readiing emory and walnut street then there is this sign reading no tresspassing, this land is closed to the public no entry or occupation but what i noticed, as if every homeless emcampment there are lots of bicycles and this electric go-ped scooter valued at 1200 bucks getting a fresh charge from this gas powered generator which is let's stop the video here is also powering this lap top located inside the tent this encampment is unique in the fact that this tent actually has a car parked next to it, although is registration expired in 2012 and this uhaul truck is here because one of the residents is packing up in advance of the clean up but what i can never understand is often when i am taping. people will walk right up the camera to tell me they don't want to be on camera >> because you are filming the truck that i rented now for the record i have seen filthier encampments but t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2